What Color Is Transmission Fluid?

What Color Is Transmission Fluid

We here at Eagle Transmission know a lot about transmission fluid. This fluid is crucial to the health of your vehicle’s transmission. As we discussed in a previous blog post, transmission fluid lubricates the delicate parts found in your automobile’s transmission as well as prevents them from overheating. Low, old, or dirty transmission fluid can […]

My Clutch Feels Weird! Is it Going Bad?

My Clutch Feels Weird! Is it Going Bad_

If your car, truck, or SUV’s clutch does not feel like it always does, it could be going bad. Your vehicle’s clutch should last 60,000 miles on average; many clutches last longer than that and some go out earlier. How you drive can affect your clutch’s lifespan, as can manufacturing. We here at Eagle Transmission […]

Where Is My Transmission Fluid Leaking From?

transmission leak

You’re running late! As always. You quickly pull out of the garage and move to press the button on the remote to close the garage door. You see something on the floor that stops your motion. You put your vehicle in park, get out of the car, and head into the garage. It’s fluid. You […]

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

what does transmission fluid do

Transmission fluid, or oil as it is also called, is an unsung hero in your vehicle’s engine. Many people don’t think about the fluid until there is a problem. Eagle Transmission services transmissions to ensure our customers’ vehicles always have plenty of fresh transmission oil in them. Why? Because the fluid plays many crucial roles […]

Is My Transmission Going Bad? It Could Be if You Notice These 4 Signs

is your transmission going bad

It’s best to avoid transmission trouble before it becomes a real problem. Preventative maintenance is valuable to your car, truck, or SUV. Transmission services are generally recommended every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but your vehicle’s manufacturer might have a different suggestion. Check your owner’s manual to see when you need to get your transmission serviced. […]

Check Engine Light near Aurora CO

Check Engine Light near Aurora CO

  Eagle Transmission & Auto Repair Shop – Check Engine Light near Aurora CO Have you ever had a check engine light turn on and you didn’t know what to do? You’re supposed to call Eagle Transmission & Auto Repair Shop! We will inspect your engine to let you know what the issue is. Our […]

Quality Engine Repair near Centennial CO

Quality Engine Repair near Centennial CO

Eagle Transmission & Auto Repair Shop – Quality Engine Repair near Centennial CO Car engine repair can be an expensive and daunting process. That’s why you should entrust your repair needs to our highly qualified professionals. We don’t want to give faulty information or a temporary patch job. We want to get the repair done […]

Chevrolet Transmission Repair in Parker CO

chevrolet transmission repair

Chevrolet Transmission Repair in Parker, CO Expert Transmission Auto Care If you believe your transmission might be ailing, you may be hesitant to take your car to just any old shop. Your hesitation is smart. The gears and complex systems of a transmission aren’t something that just any old mechanic can work on. It takes […]