Mobile Diagnosis and Repair

Mobile Diagnosis and Repair Eagle Transmission and Auto Repair of Parker offers the following services for mobile repair: Manufacturers Scheduled Maintenance Tune ups Check engine light diagnosis Car not starting Battery testing and replacement Brake pads and rotor replacement Change engine oil and filter Starter replacement Alternator replacement Pre-purchase used car inspection Brakes and Traction […]

Check Engine Light – Eagle Transmission

Your Check Engine Light Calls! A check engine light might mean a variety of engine problems. It doesn’t straightaway mean that your transmission is failing. However, you’ve got to promptly bring your vehicle to Eagle Transmission to totally assess what the matter is. Never drive your automobile once the light is on. If you do […]

Engine Repair – Eagle Transmission

Repair your Engine with Confidence! When it comes to engine repair, Eagle Transmission is here for you. Regular maintenance is a must when it comes to your engine. The very life of your engine is dependent on whether or not you take care of your vehicle. If you aren’t sure what that maintenance schedule should […]

Shocks & Struts

Safety First! Check for an over amount of play or leaks around the Shocks and/or Struts. Inspect potential previous harm to tires caused by exhausted struts! The primary purpose of automobile struts is to limit suspension travel. this can be accomplished by turning spring movement into heat, that is then dissipated by hydraulic fluid. The […]

Brake Repair

Car Brakes One of the foremost important aspects of look after your vehicle is maintaining your brakes properly. After all, your car can be unable to prevent without brakes which ends in an exceedingly dangerous crash. Brake repair and maintenance is surprisingly lower in price than what you may expect. Pay attention to the behavior […]

Air Conditioning (A/C) Repair Service

Air Conditioner Expert call (720) 778-1888. (Available 24-7) During the hot summer months you rely upon your A/C to do its job by cooling off the interior of your vehicle. The compressor is the key to the correct functioning of that system that is at the center of the A/C system. The compressor could develop […]

Differential Gear Service

differential gear service

Quality Differential Service Your vehicle’s differential relies on a thick oil to keep it lubricated and running properly. Like the other fluid in your vehicle, this oil can become contaminated over time and can no longer do its job. This is the reason fluid changes are recommended for most differentials. If you wait too long […]