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My Clutch Feels Weird! Is it Going Bad?

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If your car, truck, or SUV’s clutch does not feel like it always does, it could be going bad. Your vehicle’s clutch should last 60,000 miles on average; many clutches last longer than that and some go out earlier. How you drive can affect your clutch’s lifespan, as can manufacturing. We here at Eagle Transmission have had to replace vehicle clutches prematurely due to recalls. Here are some signs that your clutch needs some repair or adjusting at the very least.

The Clutch Slips

You’re driving along and you depress the clutch to change gears. It doesn’t feel as if it engaged. In fact, it feels like it’s slipping. This is usually the first sign a vehicle’s clutch is wearing down. If you feel this sensation underneath your foot, especially when downshifting, have your clutch inspected.

Your Vehicle Jerks

You shouldn’t feel excessive jerking when you shift gears. If you’re not used to a manual transmission, your clutch work might be a little rough, but jerking isn’t normal. If there is a problem with the clutch, noises will accompany the motion. In this case, oil is leaking from somewhere onto your clutch facings.

You Smell Odors

We hate to say it but in most cases, this symptom of clutch trouble is on you. You can overheat your clutch if you abuse it. How you abuse it is two-fold. One way to overheat the clutch is to “ride” it; you keep it depressed all the time. Another way to abuse it is to drive like you’re racing in the Daytona 500.

It Won’t Disengage

Finally, this problem is symptomatic of an issue other than the clutch. Newer automobiles have master and slave cylinders that are linked to the clutch and can spring leaks. If they do, your clutch will not disengage. It might also fail to engage because the master or slave cylinders are failing or damaged.

We are Eagle Transmission in Parker, CO, and we can inspect your vehicle’s clutch to find out why it feels weird. If you’re having real trouble with it, consider calling for a tow to our shop so you don’t damage the transmission driving over. We’d be happy to adjust, repair, or replace your clutch if this is necessary. If there is something else wrong with your manual transmission, we can fix that, too. Call us today at 720-778-1888 to schedule an appointment. We’ll get the feel of your clutch back to normal.

Eagle Transmission Team

Eagle Transmission Team

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