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Manual Transmission Repair & Clutch Replacement

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My Clutch Feels Weird! Is it Going Bad_

Eagle Transmission shop & auto Repair Shop in Parker Colorado is your go to place for a manual transmission repair. We will additionally service a manual transmission. And the gear and oil within the manual transmission has to be changed. Fine metal shavings, heat and moisture do deteriorate the properties to the necessities to an extended life for a manual transmission. Whether you want a manual transmission remodeled or manual transmission service, just call Eagle Transmission shop of Colorado.

Manual Transmission Service & Repair

When it comes to manual transmission repair and service it is important to have an expert transmission mechanic in your corner. Eagle Transmission is that expert. Our team knows manual transmissions better than anyone else in the Parker area. 
It is no secret that manual transmission drivers love driving their vehicles. That’s why we strive to help our customers keep their transmissions in peak condition for years to come and that starts with reliable manual transmission service and repair.

Clutch Replacement

It is common for clutches to wear out over time and need to be replaced. Eagle Transmission is Parker’s top choice for clutch replacement and repair. If you are experiencing an issue with your clutch, call us today. When you choose Eagle Transmission for clutch replacement and repair, you are choosing a transmission expert that combines top quality parts with industry leading expertise.

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Eagle Transmission Team

Eagle Transmission Team

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“The One to Trust”, is more than just a saying. It is in-fact a principle whereby we, at Eagle Transmission, conduct our business. We know that you have a choice, and we strive every day on each repair to provide top notch professional service. We build transmissions to last.

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