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What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

what does transmission fluid do

Transmission fluid, or oil as it is also called, is an unsung hero in your vehicle’s engine. Many people don’t think about the fluid until there is a problem. Eagle Transmission services transmissions to ensure our customers’ vehicles always have plenty of fresh transmission oil in them. Why? Because the fluid plays many crucial roles in your car, truck, or SUV’s transmission. Here is what transmission fluid does in your vehicle’s transmission system and why it is so important.

Lubricates Moving Parts

Motor oil does not flow in and out of your vehicle’s transmission. Rather, transmission fluid takes motor oil’s place and lubricates the moving parts inside the transmission. As with motor oil, transmission fluid prevents these moving parts from being damaged by heat and friction, which is why it’s just as important to have your fluid changed as it is to have your motor oil changed.

This Keeps the Transmission Cool

The better viscosity your transmission fluid offers the cooler the transmission remains. As automotive parts heat up, motor oil and transmission fluid draw the heat away from the parts. Motor oil helps keep your engine cool by absorbing that heat and transmission fluid helps keep your transmission cool. Your transmission operates more effectively and lasts longer under cooler temperatures.

Transmits Energy

In order to move, your car, truck, or SUV relies on energy produced in the engine and transferred to the drive wheels. Transmission fluid helps transmit that energy to the drive wheels. If your fluid is clean and filled to capacity, your vehicle will go into and shift gears smoothly and seamlessly (barring any other trouble) and this helps transmit the energy needed to sustain motion.

Protects the Transmission and Seals

Finally, transmission oil isn’t just for lubrication; it also has additives that benefit your vehicle’s transmission. These additives clean the transmission while it operates and protect it from corrosion and wear and tear. The additives also keep the gasket conditioned so they don’t dry out, crack, and leak. Just like motor oil is your engine’s lifeblood, transmission fluid is the transmission’s lifeblood.

Depending on your vehicle’s year, make, and model, you need to have your fluid flushed and replaced every 15,000, 30,000, or 50,000-to-60,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended duration and then bring your automobile into Eagle Transmission. We’re located in Parker, CO, and you can set up an appointment for a transmission service by calling 720-778-1888. Remember, transmission oil is crucial to your vehicle’s transmission performance and lifespan.

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