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Is My Transmission Going Bad? It Could Be if You Notice These 4 Signs

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transmission is going bad eagle transmission

It’s best to avoid transmission trouble before it becomes a real problem. Preventative maintenance is valuable to your car, truck, or SUV. Transmission services are generally recommended every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but your vehicle’s manufacturer might have a different suggestion. Check your owner’s manual to see when you need to get your transmission serviced. Once it’s time, bring your automobile to Eagle Transmission for the service or beforehand if you notice the following four things. In between service appointments, Eagle Transmission & Auto Repair wants you to know the signs that your transmission is going bad.

1. Red Fluid Leaks

A sure sign you’re on the road to transmission problems is a leaking transmission. Transmission leaks indicate problems with the transmission pan or pan seals among other system parts. Transmission fluid is usually red when it’s fresh and dark brown when it’s old. If the fluid you see on your garage floor is pink, you are in the midst of serious problems and might need a rebuild or replacement.

2. Delays When Shifting

Another sign your transmission is going bad is if it delays shifting into gear. The delay usually happens when you put your vehicle into Drive from Park, but it can also happen between gears. You shouldn’t have to fight to get your automobile into gear; it should shift from Park to Drive quickly and easily. Delays indicate a problem. Let us find and fix the issue before it damages your transmission.

3. Gears Slipping

Once you get your vehicle into Drive, it should shift gears seamlessly and stay in each gear until it’s time to shift to the next one. If you’re driving along and it feels as if your transmission is shifting gears when it shouldn’t be, it could be slipping out of gear. This, too, can damage the transmission. The gears are engineered to avoid slipping and they only do so if there is a problem underneath the hood.

4. Rough Shifting

Finally, you may feel every gear shift if you have transmission problems. As mentioned above, your vehicle should shift gears easily so that you don’t feel your car, truck, or SUV lurching or hear any strange grinding or other sounds. If your vehicle is shifting roughly, so much so that you notice it, your transmission could be failing. It could also be that you are low on transmission fluid.

Don’t worry if you believe your vehicle’s transmission is going bad. Call Eagle Transmission in Parker, CO, for an appointment. Our number is 720-778-1888 and we’d be happy to inspect and fix your transmission.

Eagle Transmission Team

Eagle Transmission Team

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